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50 minute sessions

$60 for one person
$40 each for two people

30 minute sessions

$40 for one person
$30 each for two people

workout studio

Boutique style feng shui studio

workout studio

Now offering massage by Kevin J. Dunn

Specializing in Structural Integration, Dr. Ida P. Rolf Method

Massage Therapist #11989

What My Clients Are Saying

"I always feel successful at the end of the workout. You listen and work to adapt your program to make it fun, yet still effective. With your help and guidance, I am achieving my goal of increased strength and general well being. I have not been able to achieve this on my own, although I know what to do. Although it is sometimes difficult to motivate myself to come to a session, I am ALWAYS glad that I did."

- Sandy

I have had the pleasure of training with Christina as part of my goal to be Fit By 50! I just had my 50th birthday and I am happy to report that I reached my goal. I feel great, have more energy, more strength and better muscle tone. I highly recommend Christina. She understands how to design a fitness program to suit your individual goals, is a great motivator, and makes the training sessions varied and fun.

- Lisa

I've been working with Christina at Passionately Fit for the past year and am very pleased with the results I am getting. She’s done a great job focusing on the areas where I need the most work, and I am feeling stronger and have more energy. Christina is an excellent, very positive motivator. Thanks for the coaching, I love it!

- Dave Lyon